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Biblioteche Specialistiche di Reggio Emilia


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Lo trovi in Musicale "Armando Gentilucci"
Testo a stampa (moderno)
Periodico   Trimestrale
Descrizione *Contemporary music review
Vol. 1, pt. 1 (Oct. 1984)- . - Chur ; London : Harwood Academic Publishers, 1984
v. ; 23 cm
Note Semestrale
L'editore varia
Il formato varia
La periodicita varia.
Codice SBN LO10326138
ISSN 07494467
ACNP PT01086273
Contiene 925 Titoli analitici
Altri titoli Musical thought at IRCAM
Music and psychology: a mutual regard.
Listening 2.
Music, mind and structure.
Music and the cognitive sciences : proceedings from the Sumposium on music and the cognitive sciences, 14-18 march 1988, Centre National d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, Paris, France.
Music and text : dedicated to the memory of Benjamin Britten.
Live electronics.
New tonality.
Contemporary percussion : performer's perspectives.
Time in contemporary music thought.
Music, society and imagination in contemporary France.
Flute and Shakuhachi.
Music and the cognitive sciences 1990 : proceedings of Cambridge Conference on music and the cognitive sciences, 1990
American composers: the emerging generation
Timbre composition in electroacoustic music
Reclaiming the muse
Performers on performance
Xenakis studies: in memoriam
Toru Takemitsu memorial edition
Microtones and microtonalities
Evolutionary music: at the crossroards of evolutionary computing and musicology
The laptop and electronic music: shapeshifting tool or musical instrument?
Edgar Varèse... offerings
Edgard Varèse... New worlds
Helmut Lachenmann : inward beauty
Helmut Lachenmann : music with matches
Models & artifice : the collected writings of Tristan Murail.
Horacio Vaggione: composition Theory
Internet music
Bodily instruments and instrumental bodies
Music theory and contemporary music
Musical hybrids : sonic intermedia in Australia
Other Darmstadts
Contemporary performance
Earle Brown: from motets to Mathematics
China and the West : the birth of a new music
The music of James Tenney
Stefan Wolpe
Ralph Shapey
Music of Nicolaus A. Huber and Mathias Spahlinger
Generative music
Aesthetic decisions in computer-aided composition
Exploring music through neuroscience
Network performance
Aldo Clementi: mirror of the time 1.
Virtual scores and real-time playing
Setting agendas
Recycling and innovation in contemporary music
Impossible music
Dutilleux at 95
A life drawn to liberation
Creating sound behind the wall : electroacoustic music in the GDR
Joseph Schillinger
Aldo Clementi : Mirror of time 2.
(De)composing sound
Cage at 100
Ligeti's later music : sketches, technique and style
Pedagogical praxis and curricular infrastructure in graduate music composition
Music and philosophy
Musical research at IRCAM
Resistant materials in musical creativity
Zero to four : Modernism and the string quartet 1.
Selected proceedings from the Symposium for performance of electronic and experimental composition (SPEEC2012)
For Morton Feldman
Home: creating and inhabiting place through musical activity
Music and politics
Landscape and music : Perspectives from practice
Gender, creativity and education in digital musics and sound art
Hybridity of practice and aesthetics between electronic dance and electroacoustic musics
Music and ecology
Gesture-technology interactions in contemporary music
"Collaboration" in contemporary music
David Bowie
Luogo pubblicazione Londra
Editori Harwood Academic publishers
Anno pubblicazione 1984
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